The Misconceptions and Backwards Morals Belonging to Most Females

Last night was an interesting evening.
A brawd I had charged to the game came by my spot dry-begging for weed-money.
Now--as soon as we began conversing--she asked me for weed-money. I told her I didn't have it because my money stays in the bank. I told her I can teach her how to make some cash if she were to get down with me; I'd give her advice for a fee.
It’s funny that this brawd had no issues begging me for money--but when I told her I knew how she could make paper--she didn't want anything to do with it. Suddenly, she had morals, saying she'd just get a job.
A little bit about shawty:
She's short, has a decent shape, her biscuits were fluffy, and she has the complexion I prefer black women to have—she’s milk-chocolate.
When I realized that she didn't want to make money, she automatically went into jump-off status. She looked uncomfortable as we were talking, so I told her that if she didn't want to be here, I wasn't going to make her do anything she didn't want to do. She said she knew she wasn't going to do anything--and it wasn't me--and then she went into some other shit about "no finance no romance." I laughed because I'm a thoroughbred. I don't give a fuck about romance. I can romance a special lady when I’m with one, but she wasn't one.
I told her I was the same way and asked her what she had to offer. She tried to flip it by asking me the same, so I flipped it back by stating that "I asked you first." She said that she could give me what any woman gives a man, “sex.” Moreover, "What else could she give?”
I told her I could get pussy if I wanted it. I pointed to my face and said, “look at me." She agreed.
I then told her that if she was trying to get money out of me, then she has the wrong man. I started looking around the room and began picking up various gifts females had given me over the years. I picked up a book-bag "look at this", I said. This was from a lady-friend from last year; she bought it for me for Christmas; this bookbag is Timberland. Then I picked up the comforter on my bed and told her "this is Tommy Hilfiger." Here's the card she sent me; all this shit was in a big box with a name-brand body spray, deodorant, and cologne. Then I showed her more gifts. "This is from a lady friend as well; she bought me video games, sent me money, and all types of other gifts. I don't pay to fuck with women; women pay to fuck with me.”
She high-fived me and said we were the same, but we weren't. All the shit females have bought me over the years; it surrounded us. I had something to show for my game, and she had nothing. Women buy me shit because my lifestyle commands it; she begs for money because her lifestyle demands it--hence, why she was begging me for weed-money.
This is the type of brawd that has gotten a few free meals from fast food places, and a few tokes from the blunts of the lames she fucks with but that’s it. I wish I could have shown her pics of the females, just so I could’ve crushed the mentality that most women have: "He only has those gifts because the women he fucks with are broke, fat, and have low self-esteem." If I had shown her the pics, she'd have seen how much of a loser she was compared to them. They were slim and attractive. They had careers while she was just a broke bitch begging me for weed-money.
When she left out, I told her, "Since we can't get on the same page, it's best you lose my number." She gave a slight smile and said "ok." Also, I gave her a hug so that she could know that there weren't any hard feelings involved.
The way the night ended just reminded me of how awesome I really am. –Stop Simping Movement (December 10, 2015)


I officially charged her 2 weeks ago, but yet whenever she sees me, she still gives me “the eye” and attempts to make small talk. –Stop Simping Movement (December 21, 2015)

This is the Power of the ISM!!! –Derrick Mills

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