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The Game Favors the Have-Nots

(This post is focused on the dating game.)

The game is universal and favors whoever takes it seriously. However, the most thorough practitioners of this thing of ours are the have-nots. The reason for this is because have-nots are forced to use God’s wisdom (the game) in every endeavor merely to survive and achieve their goals. The haves can mirror the have-not by mind-fucking themselves, thus causing them to take this game as serious as a need, rather than a want. Now, for outsiders looking in, you may be wondering how a have-not can have stronger game than a have. The reason is that the strength of your game is based on your rate-of-return. (A rate of return is the gain or loss on your investment of game into a female over a specified period, expressed as a lifestyle increase based on where she was initially at when she first met you.) If you’re a have-not, with strong game, then your rate-of-return will be exorbitant. If you’re a have with strong game, your rate-of-return still may …

Credit Score: The New Form of Investing

When we think of investing, we think of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. So what do we do? We take our life savings; "gamble" our money away on an investment we think is going to make us some money. We get the investment, and then we lose the money we've been saving for so many years. Our heart is in the right place, but we are going about things the wrong way. I'm going to share the most important investment you can have in your wealth-building arsenal. It's called a perfect FICO score.

The reason a lot of African-Americans can't build wealth is partly racism, and a big part (one part that we can actually prove) is credit. You walk into a bank with a perfect credit score; the bank is going to have to do a lot of explaining if they deny you for a loan. So don't give any bank the ammo to deny you. A good credit score of about 700-850 will let you swing your financial "dick" around like a horse. What I'm going to share with you is …

Black Wealth would take 228 years to catch up with whites

Here's the article that Dr. Boyce Watkins responds to.

You can view more videos from Dr. Boyce Watkins here. By the way, here’s the website Great Black Speakers that Dr. Boyce Watkins mentions in the video—in case you want to become a speaker, or you’re looking for a speaker. Also, feel free to enroll your children into his business academy. Moreover, feel free to enroll yourself into his business academy. Finally, if you’d like Dr. Boyce Watkins to be your personal finance coach, then you can submit to his personal coaching here.

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Life Insurance Knowledge

An important topic missing from this forum is on the many uses of life insurance as a personal and business tool. Did you know that many corporations (e.g. AIG Financial and New York Life among others) profited from slavery? Read here. In my years as an insurance agent, I have observed that few of these insurers go out of their way to offer their products to inhabitants of low-income neighborhoods, and this plays a part in the lack of investment by other large companies in general into Black communities. None or small personal insurance also means no interest by developers to support your 'hood. Their thinking is if you care so little about yourself not to own life insurance to protect your family, why should we build infrastructure around you that will support your longevity?
The first paragraph was written to illustrate the history of the “life insurance game,” who plays in it and who is currently winning and why. This second section will give reasons why, if you are currently un…

Truth About Robert Mugabe

This is a video created by Professor Black Truth. It was uploaded by Jettyage.

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The Benefits of Journaling

(I took a lot of liberties in fine-tuning this post because the original poster speaks English as a second language, so he had several grammatical issues. However, I kept the core post. -Derrick Mills)

There are still people who keep journaling, although this tradition seems to be out of fashion nowadays. Many think this activity would not belong to the 21st century anymore. Nothing could be further away from the truth, and I want to show you why that is the case.

We are already overwhelmed by all kinds of writings and our time is very precious. Therefore, I only want to mention the most important points about keeping a journal, the ones that really have a value for us, without becoming too excessive.
So, let’s have a look. What are the benefits of journaling?
Responsibility and accountability
Writing a diary offers us the possibility to be accurately informed about our own existence. If we take this job seriously, we cannot hide and have to face what we have done and what we haven’t. We h…

Dr. Sebi: The Man Who Cures AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and More

Meet Dr. Sebi, a pathologist, biochemist and herbalist. He came to the U.S. from Honduras and is on a mission to heal humanity. As it happens, he has been curing some of the most deadly diseases on the planet for almost 30 years. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, lupus, and epilepsy are just a few of the ailments he has completely reversed. In fact, he is so committed to his work that he took on the Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court trial — and won. Standing Up to the Food and Drug Administration Back in the 1980’s, Dr. Sebi ran a variety of ads in newspapers like the New York Post, stating: “AIDS has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer, and others.” The ad caught the eye of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Agency subsequently sued Dr. Sebi for false advertisement and practicing without a license. The judge presiding over the case requested that Dr. Sebi provide one witness for each d…

Red-Pill Guys: Social Justice Hypocrites

As I’ve previously stated, I’m not really a social justice warrior—unless speaking of one’s issues qualifies one as such. Moreover, this post elaborates on this. Many guys that subscribe to red-pill philosophy consider themselves to be above moral constraints and ethics; in other words, they play to win. However, if you read their posts, many take time out of their day to make posts that confer about gender politics—specifically feminism. They usually talk about the negative effects that feminism has on society and how patriarchy is needed. Furthermore, they point out the hypocrisies that lie within feminist rhetoric. Now, all of this is well and good, however—based on the logic of these red-pill guys—wouldn't this qualify them as social justice warriors? They’re speaking about the ills of society. This brings about my point; most people talk about issues paramount to them. This is commonplace. This is why I talk about racism. However, according to many red-pill guys, a person tha…

Parenting versus Babysitting

A parent’s primary job is to raise his/her child/children. Aside from love and affection, raising a child entails taking the knowledge that you’ve acquired (or should’ve acquired) throughout life and passing it down to your child/children. Doing so will make his/her journey much easier. Furthermore, your children will spend far less time tripping over their feet at different bumps in their path; rather they’ll walk a smooth path.
However, in the Black community, this isn’t happening. Many parents are simply babysitting their children until adulthood. Once adulthood comes, their children set out on their paths naïve and blind to what the world has in store. This is why so many young people have such difficulties. If you’re just watching over your kids, and not instilling knowledge into them, then you’re failing as a parent. Every generation life is supposed to get easier for the descendants. However, in the Black community, this isn't happening—which means that many Black parents ar…

Dealing with a Fine Bitch That’s Cock-Teasing

I met a broad recently that is a bad bitch. Physically speaking she is certainly a dime. This is the type of bitch you go out to eat and every nigga in the place (including dikes) have to get a look. However, her behavior is different than what I'm used to. This female breaks bread with your boy, takes me out to eat, and buys me things for my house. Moreover, I only know her going on a week now. Long story short, she's a tease like no other. I mean I’ll have her ass laid up in my bed with just a bra and G-string on, and when I go to make my move, she says some slick shit, so we don't end up fucking. 
Fellas, help the kid out here because I can't make sense of this situation. I mean the bitch is spending money and sleeping with me damn near butt-ass-naked. Why isn't she letting me hit? –Macro, Courtesy of UPA (May 27, 2016) (Post)

I can see that you’re taking my advice to heart. That’s what’s up. B-) Since you’ve been listening so far, continue to listen. Stop initiat…

Upgrading Versus Reinventing

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By the way, I uploaded the video from TheMaybach84's YouTube channel.)

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Getting the most information out of a female

What's good players! We live in a time where a person can build a reputation for themselves and then move to another state or even a country and start out "fresh." This limits us players because we don't have any knowledge on whether a bitch is crazy, a gold digger, a cheater, or whatever. So, I'm going to give you some tips on how to find out the most information directly from the bitch's mouth!

"The only way to peep a fool is to let him show his hand, then you play your cards." –Jay-Z

When is the best time to find out the most information on a bitch? Right when you meet her! The reason for this is because when you first meet a bitch, she has absolutely no knowledge on your morals or ethics. She doesn't know you from a can of paint. When you first meet a broad, you should keep your morals and values to yourself. The reason for this is because when you display them to a female--or a person for that matter--they'll put up a wall, and they will …