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Opinions must be weighted, not counted

(I took a lot of liberties in fine-tuning this post because the original poster speaks English as a second language, so he had several grammatical issues. However, I kept the core post. -Derrick Mills)

(This week I want to begin with a few thoughts about opinions. I just put some ideas onto the table for discussion. The lack of systematization, therefore, is not a mistake but intended. -Oliver Maerk)

Our world is full of opinions. Opinions rule our lives much more than facts, even worse facts are very often neglected completely, twisted or put into shape so that they fit our worldview. In some cases, this can go so far that people lose the ability to distinguish between what is fact and what is mere opinion. This is not only true for naive people but particularly something which can be observed with intelligent contemporaries also. Even the so-called quality media and sciences are not exempted from this mental detriment. Orientation by opinion instead of by facts has become a real epide…


Everyone should pay close attention to what I’m about to say. This is considered a complexed maneuver in the financial industry—although it’s quite simple as long as you deal with experts. This is called a roll-over.
To start, many people, nowadays, will work for 4-5 different employers throughout their working career. Moreover, it’s a good idea to invest in a 401K. 401Ks are employer-provided tax-deferred retirement accounts in which the employer usually matches the employee’s paycheck contributions to a stated percentage each pay period.
Now, I’m currently doing a roll-over myself. When you leave a job and want to keep directly managing your 401K, and don’t want to leave it under the financial management of your former company’s financial institution, then you want to do a roll-over. Company-provided retirement plans can be seamlessly rolled-over into tax-deferred plans. 


My rollover with through without a hitch. -Derrick Mills, 07/22/2018

1) Roth IRAs are tax-advantaged plans. So…

Resume Reviews

What's up fellow macks!  
I've been getting a crazy amount of love for this post that teaches you how to skip the bullshit and get the DAMN job. (Shout out to everyone who hit me via private message asking questions.) This led to me dropping the full-length book on Amazon.
Being able to help other cats get on their feet has been an enormous blessing for me. The book covers everything that the original post did--just in greater detail. It has a clear, concise step-by-step plan of action you can follow. I wanted to do more and, LITERALLY, show cats how using those same techniques I've used and talk about in the book could work for them too. 
So, what did I do? I went to several forums and offered free reviews and modifications to people's resumes. Since United Players of America is the greatest of all-time, I wanted to make sure I made the same offer here. The only things I ask for in return are:

1.) That you let me and the forum know what happened when you use the resume—pa…

Why Calling Black Men "Hyper-masculine" Can Actually Be Taken As A Compliment

Black men are usually targeted by White Supremacist and their ass-kissing minions for every little thing.  One thing that sticks out to me is when some of these White Supremacists and their ass-kissing army say that Black men suffer from "hyper-masculinity.”  If you want to know what the term "hyper-masculinity" means, here's an excerpt, I took from
Hyper-masculinity is a psychological term for the exaggeration of stereotypical male behavior, such as an emphasis on physical strength, aggression, and sexuality. This term can be pejorative, though it is also used when examining the behavior dispassionately. One of the first studies of hyper-masculinity was conducted by Donald L. Mosher and Mark Sirkin in 1984. Mosher and Sirkin have operationally defined hyper-masculinity or the "macho personality" as consisting of the following three variables: a "callous sexual attitudes toward women," b "the belief that violence is manly,&quo…

Never Ask for Things that you should be Given, Command Them

This post goes out to all of the Aboriginal people in the diaspora. Many of us have a terrible knack for asking for things that should be given to us. I don't know when, but a long time ago, I broke that cycle.  For the longest, I haven't asked for things that should be given to me. I merely talk as if these things are already a given. Now, I'm going to give an example of a business negotiation that resulted in my company changing its compensation policy--at least for me. My company has a policy regarding its life insurance policies. It compensates the insurance agents via production-credits. The insurance agents get the production-credits--while the financial specialist receives the compensation. It doesn't matter if the insurance agent is licensed in life insurance as well. Now, how many aborigine people would take this policy as is? However, my personal constitution doesn't allow me to let people screw me out of money. So, whenever I'm presented a fishy deal…

WNBA: Wage Gap Problem

Currently, a hot issue is the wage gap in the WNBA. These women have a right to be upset due to how low their wages are--compared to their male counterparts. However, their grievance shouldn't be with their male colleagues. Furthermore, they shouldn't look for the men to stand in solidarity with them. How often do we see women stand in solidarity with men--in regards to men's issues?
Furthermore, the men of the NBA aren’t the ones that write their checks. That's the main reason why their grievance shouldn't be with the NBA players. Their issue should be with the WNBA owners that are underpaying them. However, taking to social media to voice their grievances isn't going to solve their wage gap concerns. This country was founded on slavery.
Furthermore, throughout this country's existence, it has been plagued with having to combat labor unions. So, it's fair to say that this country doesn't believe in honest pay for an honest day's work. Unless ther…

Your Mission in Life

L.A.R Movement discusses this in his video.

Previously, I shared a video from one of my favorite series in which a character said the same thing.

By the way, if you want to see more of L.A.R Movement’s videos, check his YouTube channel

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The Importance of Establishing Our Own Language

This is a post that I’ve meant to make for the longest. This post deals, specifically, with establishing a code. The most crucial element of navigating White supremacy is our ability to communicate with each other without being censored. Furthermore, we need to limit hecklers and eavesdroppers as best as possible. Therefore, creating—or instead choosing—a different language to use amongst each other is essential. Now, it takes various elements of creativity to create a language from scratch. Moreover, I’m not equipped to do that. However, we don’t have to. Back in elementary school, I remember we had to learn Pig-Latin for a little bit of time. It was a very short duration for which we had to learn Pig-Latin. Moreover, after that small measure of time, I never had to use it again. However, in today’s times, using a unique language to encode our messages is more important than ever. Many notable YouTubers are routinely blocked for speaking unfavorable truths about the dominant society.…

Don't Be Fooled By Anti-White Extremist Protests

A person that watches the news may see some of these White Extremists protests as "The Good White People Vs. The Bad White People.”  Why do I say this?  Am I negative?  I like to put things into perspective before I give a side full credit for anything.  First off, what do a lot of these White Extremists groups hate most?

-Interracial couples and interracial sex (mainly Black Men/White Women)
-Black people

This is just a small sample of the many things they hate.  So, if you happen to be a White woman that loves black dick, but aren’t too fond of Black women, you may feel a certain way.  What about if you're a gay White man?  What about if you're Jewish?  How about the White Latinos like Ricky Martin (that's Latino and gay) or Pitbull?  They're not Afro-Latinos; may check "White" for their race, but they understand that White Extremists will treat them like the darkest Latino in Latin America.  Don't confuse White Extremists wit…

The Smash-mouth Job Search Guide

As someone that’s worked since he was 16--and has held well over 30 jobs--I’ve seen everything in the book as far as jobs go. I've fried fish at Long John Silvers, shelved VHS tapes at Blockbuster (for minimum wage), worked for the top entertainment search engines (CitySearch and, and I gained a security clearance when I was working for the Department of Education (at upwards of $80K a year).

*Warning: Some of the stuff listed wouldn’t be looked at fondly by human resources managers if they knew you were gaming the system but we all need to eat and I’d rather see my people bend the rules than catch a case on some dumb stuff.*

I’ve seen cats asking for interview advice before so here’s what I’ve done nearly word for word to get a job regardless of the industry and you can try it out for yourself to see if it works.

1. Resume

My resumes have always been stark–no fancy heading or lettering; never on any bullshit colored paper either.
Visit this link http://www.squawkfox.c…

My Encounter with a 38-Year-Old Ratchet

All right, I’m going to share with my readers my encounter with a 38-year-old ratchet. (Forewarning, this will be a long post.) Tonight, I was at the southern legends of hip-hop concert. I sat in the second section, so I was kind of close to the stage. There were mostly females on my row, and I was sitting in-between them. While sitting there, I stayed in my lane, and simply listened to the concert. Due to this, the females took notice that I did not make a pass at any of them. (It’s funny how if a guy situates himself around females long enough, and does not make a pass at any of them, the women will begin to make passes at him. :-D )
Explanation of this.
I don’t like to spit at females at these elaborate events because often they have these diva complexes about themselves. When I spit at broads, I like to get at them in ordinary places. Many are still bitches, but it lessens the chance to deal with the diva complex.
Back to the story.
So, the female sitting to the right of me (we’ll cal…

Get Women on Your Terms

I think enough is enough. Men today have to endure lousy advice from friends, mothers, and females about dating. They've been told to treat women special. I'm here to say, "Be specific." You don't treat all women special; you treat exceptional women, the right type of women, special. Women with class need to be treated as such. Women who don't even respect themselves don't deserve an ego boost to justify their behavior.
Women, whether they want to admit it or not, wish to be with a man on his terms. If a man is with her on her terms, she subconsciously disrespects him. Think I'm full of shit? When a woman asks you, "Where are we going on a date?" and your response is "I don't know. Wherever you want to go.", she's going to think very little of you. When you don't display masculine authority in the relationship, she's going to believe you're weak and may end up sleeping with a dude behind your back who has no prob…

Media Manipulation

I want to talk about various instances of media manipulation. While on LinkedIn, I recall seeing articles talk about the economic progress that is taking place in America. Now, from my previous articles, we know that the exact opposite is occurring. Another example of media manipulation is things related to the Kardashians. Most Black people don’t observe the daily happenings of the Kardashians. Whenever Kim wears a Black hair doo--which the media will rename something else, i.e., calling cornrows boxer braids, we don’t notice until an article pops up about Black people allegedly upset about it. These articles will pop up and tell us how we feel about specific topics and then sheeple will get in line and invoke that feeling. The same media manipulation attempts to transpire when a Black spokesperson gets on camera and states his/her opinions on relevant topics. Often, the person speaking is reading from a pre-approved script and is voicing what White supremacist suspects want him/her …