Ignorance Is Not a Luxury Afforded to Black People

Several months ago, I was at a shopping center to print off a document so that I could mail it off. I had already labeled my envelope and was going into FedEx Kinkos with my thumb-drive, envelope, and book of stamps. Now, as I got out of my car, a breeze blew by blowing my book of stamps out of my hand and into the car next to mine. The reason my stamp-booklet was able to blow into the car next to me was that it was a luxury drop-top Porsche. Moreover, it had its top dropped. Now, when it happened, for a split second I thought about opening the back-door (my stamp-booklet fell on the floor of the backseat) to grab my booklet. However, I immediately realized that would not be a good idea. If I did that, it would be presumed that I’m trying to either steal something or the vehicle itself. So, due to this, I decided that I’ll have to contact security to have them contact the driver so that he/she can pass me my stamp-booklet. Now, in this situation, I went into Kinkos first, and by the time I came back, the driver was gone. He/she had parked in a 15-minute parking area. So, I just went to the grocery store and bought another booklet of stamps. However, the gist of my post was my immediate realization of how things would go if I would’ve attempted to open that vehicle’s door.
Now that the backdrop to this post has been provided, I’ll get to the point of this post. Many Black children are raised in single-parent homes. Moreover, the mothers often neglect to tell their children the reality of how they’ll be perceived—given certain situations. Mothers do this to shield their children from the ugly reality of the racist society that we live in. They don’t want their children to grow-up worried about their own safety. Moreover, they don’t want their children growing-up hating White people for being responsible for the lopsided double-standards that we have. Now, all of these things are well-intentioned, but the road
to Hell is paved with good intentions. So, although Black mothers neglect to educate their children—particularly their Black sons—about what’s going on, most White parents are thoroughly educating their children on how to behave—given certain situations—hence why White supremacy still exists today. Now, circling back to the situation that I described earlier, an ignorant Black person would’ve opened that car door to grab the $5 book of stamps. The shopping center is mixed-crowd. However, someone White there would’ve notified security or the police. By the time the ignorant Black person would’ve come out of FedEx Kinkos there would’ve been a police officer along with the owner of the Porsche standing next to his/her car to greet him/her, question him/her, and handcuff him/her. Some White person observing would’ve exacerbated the situation, and the Black person would be fucked over a $5 book of stamps because of his/her ignorance of reality. The mother would be heartbroken because her child’s freedom would be in jeopardy all because of his/her ignorance that he/she didn’t remedy and his/her mother perpetuated. Now, you see why keeping your child ignorant does him/her a grave disservice. Also, Black people remaining ignorant do themselves a grave disservice by staying ignorant. If your parents don’t educate you on the reality of the world concerning you, then you better educate yourself for your own sake. Also, don’t allow anyone to retard your development. Anyone that stands in the way of your life-education is an enemy—regardless of his/her relationship to you.
By the way, going back to the situation that I described, a White person in the exact situation would have far more credibility explaining what he/she is doing. Also, he/she wouldn’t have a bystander exacerbating the situation. So, the ordeal would ultimately just be viewed as a mishap and be brushed aside. Furthermore, the officer would just tell the ignorant White person to notify a security officer and have him/her contact the owner of the vehicle so he/she can retrieve the stamp-booklet.

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