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Lame to the Game

Alright, in this post I’m going to share with you a story from my past that involves a guy that went against the game and got burnt, badly. This story consists of a man that was a roommate of mine for a few months. This story stems from when I was in the military. At my second base, I started out living on base. After I had reached my three-year mark, I was allowed to move off base. Due to this, a guy that I was friends with—and whom I conversed with about my moving off base—suggested that we be roommates. Considering that we were friends, I decided that this was not a bad idea; it would give both of us a chance to stack our money up, even more. Now, when we went to the rental office to sign our name on the lease, this guy had his girlfriend with him. He had just started dating this female shortly before I was to move off base, so I did not think anything of this. Now, when it came time to sign the lease me and him put our names on the paper. He immediately moved into the apartment wh…

Emotional Maturity or One’s Psychological Age

(I took a lot of liberties in fine-tuning this post because the original poster speaks English as a second language, so he had several grammatical issues. However, I kept the core post. -Derrick Mills)

In most countries, one is an adult as soon as one has reached the age of 18. Right? As far as it is about the legal age of being considered adult, which means to be entirely responsible and of legal capacity that’s true. However, on the other side, we all know that there are people whose conduct of behavior when they are 20, 30, 50 or even older, has not reached the state of someone that age, as one would reasonably expect. So, we see when we talk about “maturity” we are dealing with different aspects which must be distinguished very clearly.

Different sorts of maturity

There are three different sorts of maturity in human beings, which are usually reached at various times during our development:

1. Physical maturity
2. Mental maturity
3. Emotional/psychological maturity
Physical maturity is ge…