The Power that comes with Mind-Fucking a Chick

(This post is an add-on to The Darkside Of Game: Mind-Phucking A Bitch's Brain.)

Women will try to guilt trip you because of the power you hold over them. You have the power to lower their spirits to the level of the lowest degenerate and you have the power to raise their spirits to feeling saintly and she wants you to relinquish your hold on her. Women love certain kinds of pain because they feel good to them. For example, a lot of women like for you to pull their hair and slap their ass while fucking them despite it hurting them because it inflicts a certain kind of pain that they like. The power to make her heart skip beats just by spitting nothings in her ear is that same kind of power. It hurts them to know that they’re so powerless in your presence while at the same time turning them on to feel the sense of powerlessness that you elicit in them; this is the true form of submission. Use this power to obtain anything and everything that you want from her and don’t let up. Keep her body sailing away on mental, emotional, and physical orgasms. Remember this final note too, the moment you release your grasp over her is the moment everything will begin turning to ruin, so keep her sailing as long as possible. –TheKing_65 (November 16, 2014)


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