The Game is a Good for Us All

Many women believe that the game is a tool that men learn and utilize to thwart women from being users of men, and although it does cause us to become cognizant so that we can thwart the efforts of would-be users of men, the game isn’t just for that. The game helps both genders build each other up to the next plateau.
I’ll use myself for an example. While I was overseas in Asia I was heavily in the life, and I don’t mean this in street terms but rather living the life that having game allows. In Asia, especially the part I was in, being a Black man was a rarity. Actually, being Non-Asian was a rarity. This helped raise my value exponentially and I took full advantage of this along with my level of game. Because of this I had very attractive women often, and I had them do what’s necessary to apiece me. Because of my rarity and how thorough I am, I often had women tell me that they felt like they didn’t deserve me. (Just like insecure guys place a certain value on themselves, so do women regardless of how attractive they are.) One woman in particular I remember telling me this is my friend that I still converse with today. She came down to my part of town to visit her folks and simply vacation. (The part of Asia I resided was a big vacation spot for other Asians.) I met her while she was on vacation at the club on a Tuesday night. Most Americans like myself didn’t go to the clubs on the weekends, but I chose to be different while I was in Asia, so much so until the locals thought that I was a citizen of the area. I got her email while I was at the club and continued doing my thing that night. I emailed her the next day and went and saw her at her hotel. She was leaving the next day. We did our thing that night and I left in the morning and went to work. We continued to remain friends though.
Now, fast-forward to currently. She still lives in Asia while I reside within the states. Since we’re friends she sometimes hits me up for advice and I lace her like I would any other friend. This helped her establish her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. (I’ll explain why he became an ex within the next passage.) I basically told her to put her insecurities aside, because her boyfriend *at the time* was now jocking his ex-girlfriend and she was corresponding. Furthermore, my friend’s boyfriend also has a very attractive friend that he’d often hang out with that liked to engage in slutty behavior when her boyfriend wasn’t around; this caused my friend to think that perhaps she’d try to push up on her boyfriend. I let her know that all she can do is be as thorough as possible, put aside petty jealousies, and add value to his life and let him make his choice from there; she did so. He chose her.
Now, she told me that his only problem is he’s immature. He’s younger than her by some years, so this is expected. She also told me that whenever they’d argue he’d tell her that she should find a better guy. (Basically, he didn’t feel worthy of her.) Finally, they got into their final argument and he broke up with her. She was torn with this to the point of becoming sick. I hit her up because I thought she was sick and that’s how I found out that it was her breakup. Now, I’m not the type of dude to boost a female’s head up with false affirmations just to make her feel better, however since she’d kept me abreast of her relationship the whole time, I knew what the deal was with this relationship. I basically told her that he dropped her due to his own insecurities. She told me that he did tell her when he dropped her that she should find a better guy than him because she could do better. (Truth be told, I knew this because of his hang-ups but I let her relationship be because she kept taking up for him despite his shortcomings.) The next day after he dropped her he was trying to get back with her, so reality hit him immediately that he dropped a thoroughbred and will likely not be able to find another one. She let me know how he was trying to still be friends and get back with her after he dropped her just a day ago.
Now as you see, the game works on both ends. When she was with me she felt unworthy, and when I laced her I made her upgrade herself to the point of being any man’s (if he’s secure with himself) dream, so when she got with an insecure man he in turn told her that he didn’t feel worthy.
This is also why when you’re a thoroughbred you make it hard for anyone to replace you once you split because it becomes very difficult for them to maintain a relationship with a loser once they’ve been with a winner. The loser will charge himself/herself if you don’t do it for him/her.

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