Don’t Become a Revolving Door

This post ties into the ISM. When broads begin kicking it with you and feeling your vibe they’ll become entranced by the ISM and won’t want to leave (which is a good thing). However, some broads are lame or simply not ready. Sometimes people have to go through some shit to get their minds, bodies, and souls right. I call this feeling the pain. Sometimes people have to feel the pain before shit becomes real to them.
Now then, for example, I have a homie that was messing with a broad that’s a 10 (looks wise) and has a sweet gig that pays well. Shawty is doing her own thing and in the past messed with a pretty thorough brother. However, it just happens that my homie was a vast step up from her ex; such a vast step up until shawty couldn’t gather her thoughts well enough to adapt and get down with the program, so he fired her. Months went by and the ISM caught up so she begged to get back down with the game. He allowed her, after she contributed tangibles, only to have to fire her again for the exact same reason. This time even less time went by before shawty recognized and accepted the error in her ways and once again asked to get down once more. This time he declined because she’d been fired twice for the same reason so at this point he had to accept reality that, although she’s ensnared by the ISM, her mind, body, and soul aren’t in a place where she’s truly ready to get down.
Females can tell when a guy is a great catch. Their makeup is setup to immediately recognize a snag. Once this happens their biological clock starts ticking immediately as though they’re nearing menopause without having once gotten pregnant, so they go into overdrive to get into your good graces and get on the team. However, society, more specifically feminism, has done a number on women to the point where although they can recognize your greatness, they can’t overlook their subconscious feminist injected pride and submit to your will. You can show them explicitly how thorough you are. You can even explain to them why they should let go and go with your flow but the deeply embedded subconscious feminist will of not submitting to a man remains within them. Only astronomical pain makes them overcome their subconscious
feminist injected pride. You cause this pain by firing them. After having fired them they begin to understand that the man in question that they’re dealing with is a guy that stands by his principles and doesn’t buckle to a bitch; this is when the groveling, offering, and reforming comes into play but this is sometimes too late.
Personally, I believe in a 2 strikes program, this isn’t baseball :-D, so 1st time a chick gets charged it’s a warning (considering that she hasn’t violated in a major way). This warning is to let her know that I’m not a simp, so I’m not afraid of losing her. So many guys allow bitches to get away with whatever until broads are basically hardwired to simp test you. However, if I charge a bitch a 2nd time then there’s likely no coming back, and if I do allow a bitch back it will take a long time for me to allow her back.
My homie thinks the same way and applied this to his scenario. Sometimes a broad needs to go about her merry way and deal with other guys who will be of lower quality so that she’s able to completely understand the vast difference between you and the rest. Allowing her to do this allows her to experience the pain of fucking with a lame after having been messing with some game. Whenever she fucks with these guys you’ll remain on her mind because the quality gap is so vast. When actions don’t work, and your words to explain your previous actions also don’t work then it’s time to let her feel the pain so shit can become real to her and she can now begin comprehending. When the pain sets in and she finally comes back, provided that she does come back and you allow her back, you’ll find that you won’t need to explain so much shit anymore and she’ll be a lot more appreciative, provided that she isn’t a completely wack bitch.
The final reason why you don’t become a revolving door is because a broad should never feel as though she has a safety net to come back to regardless of what foul shit she does. Even her money doesn’t make up for her wack behavior.

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