Make America White Again (Make America Great Again)

Due to the popularity of Trump’s campaign, it has emboldened White supremacists to openly display their vitriolic views against Melanese people. This has led to the Chattanoogan candidate Rick Tyler publicly stating “Make America White Again.” Now, the article quotes him in stating: Tyler insisted that he had no hatred in his heart for "people of color." This is why I never acknowledge a person’s intentions. People can do you greasy while assuring you that their heart was in the right place. However, the question then becomes how do you know? The answer is you don’t. This is why it’s paramount to judge people by their actions. We’re unlikely to know what’s in a person’s heart. However, we can clearly comprehend the fallout from a person’s actions.
Now, with Tyler’s run for congressman of the 3rd district he’s breaking code and clearly stating what every non-delusional Black person already knows. “Make America Great Again” means “Make America White Again.” Melanese people are much smarter than we’re given credit for. We’ve been able to translate the coded language used to describe us. Furthermore, when White supremacists say “Make America Great Again” they’re saying take America back to the 1950s. During the 1950s, many Black people accepted living life as if being born with melanin as a dominant trait was a curse. Therefore, they accepted substandard treatment and silently dealt with it. Furthermore, White people were given set-asides due to them being White—i.e. home grants and the like. However, nowadays, as we regress further back into slavery—many Melanese people are speaking out. The reasoning is because racism has become too pervasive in our lives to continue remaining silent. Now, some Melanese people speaking out is nothing new. However, the difference comes in the fact that upper-middle-class and upper-class Black people are now speaking out. After the 1970s, these groups of Black people started remaining silent to the plights of those that look like them. The reasoning is because we don’t have an economic power base to protect them if they choose to speak out. However, due to the recent transgressions of White supremacists, even these people are starting to speak out. The dominant society—up until recently—has always kept these people in line by using the fear of reprimanding them—thus sending them back to the bottom with the rest of us. The dominant society would reward tokens by giving them trinkets along with money. However, the dominant society would never allow them to own anything because that would be giving their tokens power. Moreover, with the tokens being empowered, they would then be able to speak out without the fear of reprimand. However, times are changing. Due to racists disregard for Melanesian life, even upper-class Black people are speaking out. Right now, any of us can be targeted at any point in time. Furthermore, the media’s blatant propaganda pieces further showcase this country’s compliance in systematic racism.

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