This Isn’t Burger King; You Can’t Have It Your Way

Alright, what inspired this post is something that I’ve heard a few guys say in regards to decision-making and dealing with women. Now, it often gets stated that women like when guys are decisive. As a matter of fact, women actually hate for a guy to be indecisive. However, it has been stated by guys that in the same breath that women like for a guy to be decisive, women love to be indecisive, and will even turn down choices that a guy may choose when he is being decisive, only to ask him to pick another choice that she may like. Now, some guys actually entertain this nonsense; guys like this, essentially, put on a horse-and-pony show for their mates. These guys are simply trying too hard to impress their mates, rather than simply doing what I like to call “putting them on ice.” If you’re a guy, and your lady asks you to make a decision, then make the decision. However, if she does not like your decision then propose that she makes an alternative decision. If she can’t make an alternative decision then, revert back to your original decision. If she once again tells you that she does not like the original decision, then let her know that since she did not choose an alternative decision that means she has chosen the original decision. If your woman can’t submit to this logic, then that simply means that you need to fire her. Your woman has to be able to respect your decision-making, and if she does not like your decision then she has to be able to offer an alternative, so that means she has to be decisive too--she can’t be hard to please and indecisive, because if that is all that she is, then you are simply dating a “bitch.” There is room for her input, and alternative decisions are welcomed, but there is no room for bending over backwards.

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