King Flex’s 7 Levels of Disrespect

1. Combativeness - passive aggressive form of disrespecting you. You say one thing, and she says the opposite for the sake of being disagreeable.

2. Slick Comments - dissing; "I want to start my own business" she sarcastically says, "Yeah, right." This is a subtle diss.

3. Insults - calling you names during conversations or out in public.

4. Public Embarrassment - When they are comfortable at home disrespecting you, then they do it publicly. They holler at you in front of strangers.

5. Slander – After dissing you privately and publicly, she begins dissing you when you are not around to friends and family. Alternatively, she may start putting your business in the streets.

6. Infidelity - She disrespects you behind your back and at home and sees that she can get away with it, so, now, she has sex with another dude.

7. Set You Up to Get Robbed, Killed, or Assaulted - blatant contempt. Moreover, you become a cuckold. Your life becomes endangered.

Fellas, don't let it get to level 3. You'll be treading in simp territory. Check her from the get go.

(To pick up more game from whence this came, pick up his book The Elite Way.)

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