Worldly Game is Getting Reinvigorated

Sorry to my fans that have been with me for years. I’ve been busy with life. I’m going to restart posting more frequently. I won’t promise that I’ll be posting weekly again. However, I’ll post more frequently. Furthermore, I’m expanding my blog. I’ve created a YouTube channel to gather a larger audience. Since the end of last year, I’ve been without the core of my audience. I focused on establishing a presence on Google Plus. However, December of last year, Google Plus went away. So, my marketing field went away.
Until now, I’ve always been leery of making YouTube videos. Even on my blog, some of the videos that I’ve shared have been removed on YouTube. That further let me know that if I ever created a YouTube channel, it wouldn’t take long before I’d start receiving flags on my page. That’s why I’ll only be using my YouTube channel to read the posts listed on my blog. For those, that hate to read, or don’t have the time, my YouTube channel will serve as a means for you to get caught up on my material. When YouTube removes my channel, all of the posts will remain. So, I won’t lose anything. Anyway, here’s my YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and click the bell icon. 
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