Clubs Losing Money Due to Low Male Attendance

What inspired this post was an article that I read that talked about club owners losing money. It stated something fascinating in regards to male-female relations. It basically said that females have been shying away from clubs, and this is why clubs are losing money. I want to address this now. Despite whatever studies this article claims it has, it’s fallacious. Club owners make their money from male participants. Many clubs don’t charge female attendees an entrance fee. Going further, many women don’t buy their own drinks in the club either; they buy very few if they do buy their own. Furthermore, many females don’t even bring their wallets to the club because they know that they don’t need it. So, that means the lion’s share of profit comes from male patrons. Women are allowed into clubs for free to draw male patrons to the club. However, nowadays, many females, while in the club, act as though they don’t like males. Moreover, they turn down any man that attempts to hit on them. This has led many men to simply quit going since it’s pointless to spend money to go to an establishment full of women that don’t want to be bothered. They don’t want to be bothered despite going to a social establishment. This is the real reason clubs are losing money. Moreover, clubs even have a fundamentally unsound business model. Clubs that have a free entrance fee for women attract broke women. You can’t expect to run a successful business unless your customers have the money and/or desire to keep you afloat. With today’s changing times, many lack the money, and the current culture of today’s clubs has caused many men to lack the desire (i.e. spend money to even bother going). Clubs should try charging their female patrons money to enter the club. Broke women repel affluent guys. Furthermore, charging women an entrance fee would give them more of an incentive to try to have a good time.

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