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Controlling Your Outcome through Business Acumen

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post on here saying anything about what I have going on. However, I want to share a little bit about a situation that I have going on. Last month, I cut my hours in half because I was considering leaving my job and going somewhere else. I felt that my job was taking us for granted and treating us poorly. All we heard were gripes about us underperforming. So, I began searching elsewhere. I quickly found another company that pays just as much as I currently earn. Moreover, I’d control my schedule. So, I built a strong hand to leverage. I, initially, intended to drop my current company the 1st day of training at the new company. However, my trainer advised that I try it out first to ensure that I was comfortable with the role. Furthermore, while I was in training at my new job, I had a discussion with my supervisor at my current job and negotiated terms of service that would convince me to stay; I hinted at the leverage that I had. I called for balan…

Be My Tool

Right now, America is in a state of political unrest. ADOS is loud and rampant. Members are showing up and disrupting events. These actions are cultivating our messages to the main stage—rather the dominant society likes it or not. This political unrest is necessary to ensure our empowerment. Now, I’m going to point to something that Professor Black Truth (PBT) said in a video. He mentioned having one of ours run as a candidate. Now, unfortunately, we don’t have anyone to do that. However, we have a member of the dominant society that has whistled to us that she’s okay with isolating herself from her community. Of course, she’ll need some guidance. However, currently, she’s our best prospect for forwarding our message on the political stage. Now, truthfully, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll win. She’ll probably lose by a landslide. However, this is the long game. We’re in this for the long haul. Every next step will get us further to our objective. Like PBT said, the 1st candidate get…

The Media’s Influence on Culture

Anyone that reads my posts can tell that I’m an ardent anime fan. So, I’m going to point out something that I’ve peeped in recent animes that’s becoming a norm. I’m noticing a rise in harems in animes that aren’t harems. Examples of these are animes such as “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” “The Rising of The Shield Hero,” and “Overlord.” None of these animes are harems. They’re all isekais. 
An isekai is an anime about a protagonist that gets transported to another world. Examples of older isekais are series such as “Inuyasha,”  “Fushigi Yugi,” and “Digimon Adventure.”
It used to be that harems were a very defined genre. Most harems were mostly slice of life—albeit done in different settings. They’re generally favored by women—ironically. However, the aforementioned series hold more serious tones and are favored more by men. Also, these series are more popular than isekais typically are. Prior to the popularity of Sword Art Online, the last major isekai was “.Hack//Sign.” I ne…

Winning Over The Guardians At Play

When I initially made this post, I decided to leave off a story of applying this. I just wanted folks to focus on the information. However, I’ve decided to update this post and include the story. So, years ago, while at work on my lunch break, we stopped by a Subway restaurant. While there, I saw this fine broad sitting with her grandmother eating. At this time, I worked for a school bus company. So, I was dressed in a t-shirt, reflector vest, jeans, and steel-toe boots. I forgot what shawty was wearing. However, she was dressed comfortably.
Anyway, I introduced myself to her grandmother. I let her grandmother know that I was there on lunch, and I was with my coworkers. I approached the grandmother as though she was the mother—just in case. I told her that I noticed her daughter and wanted to introduce myself--with her permission. From here, the grandmother asked me a few questions about what do I do. I let her know that I’m training to drive school buses for when school starts back. W…

Fed Admits Massive Number of People NOT Working! U.S. Economy in Real Crisis

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We Don’t Live in a Capitalist Society

America falsely labels our economy capitalistic. However, this is a misnomer. A true capitalist society is based on survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive. So, in a pure capitalist economy, former President Obama would’ve never bailed out “too big to fail” companies. They would’ve just failed. Further proof that we live in a racially biased country are the multiple companies complaining about being understaffed—despite the numerous under-employed (and unemployed) Black people in this country. These companies are holding out for qualified White candidates. In a purely capitalist society, only the most qualified individuals would get the job. Also, people would be paid based on merit. Right now, people are paid based on their race and gender. White men earn the most. Hispanic women earn the least. However, we’re all aware that—if you go to any professional job that entails service—the Black people will be the hardest working employees. This is despite being paid less than our …

Combatting Racially-Charged Reverse Psychology Tactics

This post is late; however, I want to talk about combating these tactics. This post stems from the racially-charged reverse psychology attacks that Black men received during the Jussie Smollett controversy. Many Black men were skeptical about the entire incident. Some were like myself. I was on the fence. I didn't have all of the details. So, I decided to wait until more information was released. Furthermore, before speaking up for Jussie Smollet, I wanted to know would he emphasize his attack as being a racially-charged attack or a sexuality-charged attack. We have to be very selective of whom we speak up for--lest we have another Teresa Klein incident.
Now, Black people with their thinking caps on didn't immediately jump to Jussie's defense. However, that doesn't mean that we initially believed the NYPD either. We sat back and gathered more details. Ultimately, his scars and the medical report would reveal the truth. Moreover, it did. Jussie did not have the kind of i…

The Obama Effect

Right now, the American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) Movement is moving forward at full throttle. Democrats are scratching their heads like where did this come from. This all originated from President Obama's intentional neglect of the circumstances of the Black community—especially Black men. President Obama did something for everyone except Black men. Furthermore, despite President Obama being a Black man himself, he increased the status for all other "minorities" except Black people. His benign neglect policies--along with centuries of neglect--are what has triggered the intensity of this movement. Furthermore, Democrats promoting politicians that will speak for everyone else's interests, except Black people's, further fueled the passion of the ADOS Movement. President Trump being in office simply encouraged White supremacists to be more open with their racism. This has caused even the most ignorant of Black people to wake up to the racist environment that we …

Educated, but still Game Goofy

Sorry to my fans. I’ve been busy with life, so I haven’t had time to post like I used to. Furthermore, eventually, I’m going to transition these posts to my Patreon. However, for now, I want to talk about two recent situations that’ve caught my attention. One is more obscure—unless you’re heavily involved in academia. The other involves Dr. Myron Rolle. Now, for confidentiality purposes, I’ll change the name of the other professor. We’re going to name him Dr. Drake. So, let’s start with Dr. Drake.
Years ago, Dr. Drake made an observant comment. He said that the media has no issue showing images of Black people being disenfranchised and attacked, but never shows (or discusses) the history of Black people using armed resistance. He said that’s considered to be Anti-American by society’s proclamation. He never went beyond that. He just pointed out the double standard. However, “journalists” took his words and twisted them. “Journalists” said that he was being Anti-American and promoting t…

Millennials Rent EVERYTHING. Are They Broke?

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HALF of Americans Get Paid $30,000 Per Year! No Economic Recovery In Sight!

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Owning Accountability

The purpose of me making this post is the recent government shutdown that we encountered. The dominant society has placed the blame on Melanese individuals. So, rather than ducking and dodging accountability, I instead accept it. In the Melanoid community, we have a problem with taking liability when it’s viewed negatively. However, we have to get over that. If the dominant society wants to blame us for what President Trump does, then we should readily accept it. I’ll take the blame for that. If anything, this means we're powerful. Powerful people elicit action. So, if the dominant society doesn’t want us to invoke voter nullification again, then they have to give us government set-asides to obtain our vote. We’ve already shown what we're capable of when tested. So, don’t make us do it again.
Melanoid people, we have to embrace the power that has been thrust upon us. If the dominant society wants to make us the culprit of all things, then we need to analyze what we’re being bla…

The Benefits of Journaling Part 2

Journaling is like the martial arts; it’s a discipline. To get the mental, emotional, and insightful breakthroughs that you are looking for, one has to be disciplined and consistent. You can’t journal 1 week, and then take the next 3 weeks off; being consistent is the key.
Journaling works because it causes you to be introspective. When you journal, you are really asking yourself questions that you wouldn’t usually ask yourself; this is called “self-discovery.” You are learning new things about yourself. The benefits of journaling are amazing. One benefit a person obtains through journaling is total recall. When you start journaling, and you are consistent with it, you will get into the habit of recalling your day as you journal. When you do this on a regular, your memory will become sharper. 
Another benefit of journaling is your handwriting will improve. Handwriting is 1/3 of literacy. These days, people don’t physically write anymore, and neither do they remember. There was a time wh…

Winning Over The Guardians

Something that I am excellent at is pulling females when they are with their guardians. I developed this skill because, nowadays, many women live with their parents. Furthermore, guardians can either be your biggest cheerleaders or your biggest cock-blockers; it’s up to you to decide which side you allow them to take. Personally, I prefer to allow guardians to be my biggest cosigners.
Now--contrary to popular belief--you don’t win guardians over with pandering. You present yourself as the thoroughbred you are. You allow the female to get a preview of what’s in store for her if she chooses to mess with you. In other words, you introduce yourself to the guardian and strike up a small conversation that provides you with information as to the relationship that the guardian has with the female you’re interested in. Personally, if it is a female guardian--and she is attractive--I will give her little compliments that cycle back to the female that I am about to get at. If it is a male guardia…

What Would Happen If Segregation Never Ended?

Before I pretend like I'm the doctor from "Back to The Future," let's talk a little about being forced into giving something to someone. You may be saying, "Hey, what integration did was good because you wouldn't have Black folks working for lucrative companies like Microsoft.” Well, after this post you're going to be like "Wow, I would have never imagined a world where we had the chips in our favor." Anyway, a lot of these companies don't hire Black folks because they want to; they hire them to meet a quota in certain cases. If you start your sentence by saying, "In the company I work for I'm the first Black" you already know what the deal is. When you focus on getting yours, you'll see something amazing happen. Okay, Marty, let's travel back to a time when Black folks had to deal with having to put up with signs that said: "No Coloreds Allowed.”

Let's say we time-traveled and we were carrying the book Powerno…

Know-it-Alls Know Nothing

Alright, I once got into an argument with a guy on someone else’s post in regards to finances. The post stemmed from someone talking about stacking enough money to invest in mutual funds. The man attempted to tell the person that they should focus more on investing in a business. I chimed in and let the guy know that investing in mutual funds is equivalent to investing in companies. The guy tried to play a game of semantics, so I posted a link that backed my claim. Next, the man stated that--although he does not understand the stock market--he understands business, so he knows what he was talking about when he told the person to focus on investing in a company. To counter his argument, I said to the guy that I have a mutual fund and have made money from mutual funds, so I know what I am talking about; I also told the person to pick up “Personal Finances For Dummies” to become more financially savvy. This caused the person to attempt an ad hominem attack by inquiring how many shares do…