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Distorting the Message

Recently, I had the displeasure of conversing with someone over an article pawning itself off as a push toward reparations. Now, I understand that many ADOS people want to see change and have been motivated by different messages floating around. However, listen, study, and learn before giving your opinion. People aren’t able to tell if you’re well-read or dimwitted if you don’t say anything. So, you remain an enigma. It’s better to be a mystery than a dimwit. The Daily Northwestern’s article is clearly a thinly disguised welfare article pawning itself off as a reparations article. It talks about granting property tax relief for Black people that are longtime residential property owners. This is far too stripped down to qualify as reparations. Also, it grants relief on down payments and rental assistance. This already exists. We have Habitat for Humanity that does this for single mothers. Also, it’s not enough to qualify as reparations.
“Ideas for the reparations plan will move to a sub…

A debate I had with someone about critical analyzation versus formal research

I have been clear in my position that Black Lives Matter (BLM) pimped out the deaths of Black men, ignored the efforts of working-class Black men and women, and used white liberal networks for money, fame, and distortions of Black communities around the country for their own agenda (e.g.patriarchal, homophobic, etc.).

As Black academics, we are expected to jump on every hashtag movement and discourse that comes about. Colin Kapernick, a Black man, lost his career to bring awareness to the murder of other Black men--a group he belongs to. BLM alienated Black men, and working-class folks and the women that led this organization became famous.

There is an industrial complex both social and academic that profits from the condemnation of Black male life, and the celebration of Black male death. –Dr. Harry Thompson (Post), 04/23/2018

(The below will showcase a debate that I had with someone that only believes formal research. Now, although it’s good to qualify your beliefs based off of researc…

I Can't Find A Good Man, And Other Lies

Check out the 1st 30 minutes.

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Drowning out the Noise

Lately, the Alphabet Community has been making a lot of noise. This has caused many ADOS members to respond to combat their nonsense. Per usual, they’re pushing trans-restrooms—which are just family restrooms. Also, you have pansexuals like Malik Yoba attempting to say that men can be heterosexual while still desiring transsexuals. Of course, this is to deflect from him being a solicitor of transsexual child prostitutes. Also, we have to ask the question of what’s going on with these kids for them to become cross-dressing prostitutes as soon as they hit puberty.
However, all of these are secondary issues that take a backseat to the main issue, reparations. ADOS has to become a steady drumbeat to a single issue, reparations. These politicians are drowning us out by talking about non-issues while ignoring the elephant in the room. So, we have to continue to tarnish them. So, let’s begin.
Let’s start with Bernie Sanders. At this point, he’s accepted that he’s the casual racists’ selection—…

Negotiating Business Terms Like a Boss Rather than Like a Slave

For the longest, I’ve chosen to shy away from mentioning Jay-Z’s ruse because it didn’t warrant addressing. Many others have covered it in extensive detail. So, I’m going to address this in terms of business negotiating. Pay attention. It’s time to learn how to negotiate like a boss. Let’s start.
For my example of a slave attempting to negotiate business terms, I’ll be using Jay-Z. Many look at him as a Machiavellian figure. This is an insult to Machiavellianism and game. There’s very little that’s Machiavellian about Jay-Z. He’s nothing more than a multi-million-dollar slave. He’s proven
this time-and-time again. He’s only too willing to be used as a puppet on a string. He did this with the Brooklyn Nets’ situation. He misled the ADOS community into thinking he was a majority owner when he’s only a fraction percentage of a minority owner. He did it again with Tidal. He got out and acted as the face to lower Black people’s defenses. All he got was a payout for this. 
Finally, we have th…

Unionization is a Must for ADOS

I decided to make this post after considering the financial condition of ADOS’ members. It’s no secret that Black people are the last hired, first fired. Also, everyone knows that we have to work twice as hard for less pay. Finally, if one looks critically at any corporation in a predominately Black area with predominately Black employees, everyone knows that Black people are at the bottom. Now, one might say since they’re the majority, of course, they’d fill the bottom.
Furthermore, anyone saying that is correct. However, since this is true, shouldn’t they also fill the top? Of course, we know that although White people in this scenario are the minority, they’re the majority at the top. Furthermore, as the economic structure of America becomes more and more fractured, workers’ grievances are only heightening. Unfortunately, as these grievances worsen, ADOS’ grievances will lead the pack.
Nowadays, companies pay their employees as little as possible. When one couples this with the rate …

Worldly Game is Getting Reinvigorated

Sorry to my fans that have been with me for years. I’ve been busy with life. I’m going to restart posting more frequently. I won’t promise that I’ll be posting weekly again. However, I’ll post more frequently. Furthermore, I’m expanding my blog. I’ve created a YouTube channel to gather a larger audience. Since the end of last year, I’ve been without the core of my audience. I focused on establishing a presence on Google Plus. However, December of last year, Google Plus went away. So, my marketing field went away.
Until now, I’ve always been leery of making YouTube videos. Even on my blog, some of the videos that I’ve shared have been removed on YouTube. That further let me know that if I ever created a YouTube channel, it wouldn’t take long before I’d start receiving flags on my page. That’s why I’ll only be using my YouTube channel to read the posts listed on my blog. For those, that hate to read, or don’t have the time, my YouTube channel will serve as a means for you to get caught u…

Mission Commence

In my post, “…Or Else” I talked about destabilizing the internal workings of the country if ADOS doesn’t get its reparations. Now, it’s time to spotlight that. I’m going to list examples of the descent of America thanks to ADOS. The examples of the destabilization traverse many fields. At one point, MSNBC’s Joy Reid tried to downplay the significance of ADOS men by saying only Black women’s votes matter. Of course, everyone knows that’s a failing strategy from the start. However, it becomes even more disastrous when those votes disappear too. Hardened racists like Joe Biden have recanted their words after facing the backlash of their words, i.e. Biden’s Law. There has even been a travel advisory issued by the international community regarding the influx of mass shootings in America. Who do you think has brought this issue to the forefront? The mainstream media sure is under-reporting this and attempting to put a spin on this. However, ADOS content-creators have spotlighted this issue.…

The Future Leaders of Black America

This is going to be a complicated, lengthy post. I skimmed an article that was developed by Cerulean Grey. The framework originates from Charles Faulkner Jr. However, I’m going to focus on a specific segment of the Grey-Faulkner Initiative, Black boys. I’m deviating significantly, though. Hence, the name of the post. 
As much as I hate to give praise to the unpraiseworthy, my plan stems from the source material of a video posted by the OK Program of Oakland. It has a video with celebrities endorsing it. That’s the only good thing about the OK Program of Oakland. The OK Program of Oakland is a program ran by the Oakland Police Department that teaches useless information to Black male youths. By the way, Civil Rights attorneys also labeled the Oakland police department as “intolerable.”
Now, the celebrity endorsements aspect is a great asset to getting “The Future Leaders of Black America” up and running. From henceforth, I’m going to type as though this will be enacted.
Now, several celeb…

…Or Else

“Or Else” was a term that Minister Louis Farrakhan used years ago for a movement that he was pushing. However, the “Or Else” lacked teeth at the time. As things regress in this country, “Or Else” has to get a real bite to it. It can no longer be an empty threat. Professor Black Truth has stated things that are in-sync with serving as dire consequences for authoritative puppets not acquiescing to our demands. I side with this line of thinking. I’m going to pull from a group that everyone knows not to cross, the Jews. To this day, surviving partakers of the Holocaust are still being executed. There is no forgiveness for this, only severe retribution. We have to be like-minded in the heavyhandedness of our punishments for those that transgress against us. Asking people to do what we want won’t cut it.
Moreover, mentioning using President Trump as a punishment for not complying isn’t severe enough. There must be severe punishment in place for transgressing. Nicole (of Nicole’s View) mentio…

Attempts at Sidestepping Reparations and Negotiating

All of the key-figure candidates have, in their own way, attempted to sidestep reparations. Kamala Harris is the latest example. Currently, she is offering ADOS $100 billion in housing grants. This is great; this can be accepted in addition to reparations. However, this isn’t reparations. No counter-offer will offset our demand for reparations. When the government cuts the check for our reparations, we can afford to buy houses anyway. So, this is a cheap substitute. It’s essential for ADOS to reject any alternatives other than reparations. Some people may feel that their stance of withholding our votes until we get our exact demands met is an ignorant stance. Here, they are wrong. In terms of negotiations, this would be called "holding." You hold out until you get a better offer. So far, our strategy of holding has worked out. Prior to us holding out, we were offered nothing multiple times. Each time we demanded reparations, we were told “no.” However, we refused to accept “…

Controlling Your Outcome through Business Acumen

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post on here saying anything about what I have going on. However, I want to share a little bit about a situation that I have going on. Last month, I cut my hours in half because I was considering leaving my job and going somewhere else. I felt that my job was taking us for granted and treating us poorly. All we heard were gripes about us underperforming. So, I began searching elsewhere. I quickly found another company that pays just as much as I currently earn. Moreover, I’d control my schedule. So, I built a strong hand to leverage. I, initially, intended to drop my current company the 1st day of training at the new company. However, my trainer advised that I try it out first to ensure that I was comfortable with the role. Furthermore, while I was in training at my new job, I had a discussion with my supervisor at my current job and negotiated terms of service that would convince me to stay; I hinted at the leverage that I had. I called for balan…

Be My Tool

Right now, America is in a state of political unrest. ADOS is loud and rampant. Members are showing up and disrupting events. These actions are cultivating our messages to the main stage—rather the dominant society likes it or not. This political unrest is necessary to ensure our empowerment. Now, I’m going to point to something that Professor Black Truth (PBT) said in a video. He mentioned having one of ours run as a candidate. Now, unfortunately, we don’t have anyone to do that. However, we have a member of the dominant society that has whistled to us that she’s okay with isolating herself from her community. Of course, she’ll need some guidance. However, currently, she’s our best prospect for forwarding our message on the political stage. Now, truthfully, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll win. She’ll probably lose by a landslide. However, this is the long game. We’re in this for the long haul. Every next step will get us further to our objective. Like PBT said, the 1st candidate get…

The Media’s Influence on Culture

Anyone that reads my posts can tell that I’m an ardent anime fan. So, I’m going to point out something that I’ve peeped in recent animes that’s becoming a norm. I’m noticing a rise in harems in animes that aren’t harems. Examples of these are animes such as “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” “The Rising of The Shield Hero,” and “Overlord.” None of these animes are harems. They’re all isekais. 
An isekai is an anime about a protagonist that gets transported to another world. Examples of older isekais are series such as “Inuyasha,”  “Fushigi Yugi,” and “Digimon Adventure.”
It used to be that harems were a very defined genre. Most harems were mostly slice of life—albeit done in different settings. They’re generally favored by women—ironically. However, the aforementioned series hold more serious tones and are favored more by men. Also, these series are more popular than isekais typically are. Prior to the popularity of Sword Art Online, the last major isekai was “.Hack//Sign.” I ne…

Winning Over The Guardians At Play

When I initially made this post, I decided to leave off a story of applying this. I just wanted folks to focus on the information. However, I’ve decided to update this post and include the story. So, years ago, while at work on my lunch break, we stopped by a Subway restaurant. While there, I saw this fine broad sitting with her grandmother eating. At this time, I worked for a school bus company. So, I was dressed in a t-shirt, reflector vest, jeans, and steel-toe boots. I forgot what shawty was wearing. However, she was dressed comfortably.
Anyway, I introduced myself to her grandmother. I let her grandmother know that I was there on lunch, and I was with my coworkers. I approached the grandmother as though she was the mother—just in case. I told her that I noticed her daughter and wanted to introduce myself--with her permission. From here, the grandmother asked me a few questions about what do I do. I let her know that I’m training to drive school buses for when school starts back. W…

Fed Admits Massive Number of People NOT Working! U.S. Economy in Real Crisis

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